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Shredhedz, LLC is a Clearing, Grinding, Chipping, and Hauling contractor that specializes in new construction Right-Of-Way and Industrial Site Developments. Being able to handle the toughest environments, we can mulch, grind, chip, trim, or clear any trees in any areas. From small plots to large land clearings, we can shred to suit any needs. Located outside of Baton Rouge, LA in nearby Ethel, LA, Shredhedz services the Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and surrounding regions.


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Safety First

Safety is a top priority for Shredhedz. We have maintained zero recordable accidents in the past 7 years putting our EMR low enough to work for any contractor in the nation. We hold our employees to a high standard of safety with a daily toolbox meeting, JSA/JHA participation, near miss reporting, and certified overseers.

Shredhedz has extensive trained personnel that operates heavy equipment. We work in some of the most extreme environments in close proximities of power lines and pipelines.

Training such as OSHA, HAZCOM, and Utility Arborist refresher classes are part of our yearly certification program. 


About Us

A generational business

Shredhedz, LLC was founded by Darryl "Dwayne" Wayne Hall II in 2011. Dwayne has been involved in the construction world his entire life and developed a passion for heavy machinery at an early age. Graduating college in 2006, he immediately went into a supervision role overseeing and operating heavy equipment in the development of large LNG gas plants.

In 2010, he bought his first mulching machine and began clearing small right-of-ways on the side. Since then, ShredHedz has grown substantially and has now worked for some of the largest contractors in the world.